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Letter in english
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To the US Secretary of the Interior, Mrs Sally Jewell

Dear Mrs Jewell,

All species of animal should be protected to ensure biological diversity within balanced ecosystems, for the sake of all life on Earth now and in the interests of future generations. As any living species on Earth, of which humanity is one, wolves must play their part and continue to do so in the future. We request that you do not revoke federal protection for wolves in the 48 States where it currently exists.

The USA is a vast and beautiful country with large open areas where there is ample space for everyone; animals and humans. It is our duty to protect the wolves, so that our grandchildren do not only see them in books, but will know that wolves live undisturbed in their natural habitat.

We are aware that Mr Ken Salazar, former Secretary of the Interior, would have revoked federal protection. We are requesting that you protect wolves and do not revoke their federal protection across the whole of US territory.

Wildlife biologists and independent conservation scientists have written to you recently about the protection of wolves with regard to the law on species threatened with extinction. We ask you to please listen to their views and to the voices of thousands of animal advocates across the USA and the entire world.

Thank you in anticipation of your response.

Yours faithfully



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===> Le US Fish & Wildlife Service, au sein du Département américain de l'Intérieur, était prête à retirer les protections fédérales pour les loups de l'Amérique, dans la majorité des 48 États où ces protections sont encore en place. Cette proposition ou projet de règle (= sale schéma) a éclos sous Salazar. Sally Jewell semblait prête à laisser faire, mais quelque chose s'est passé récemment ... une pause.

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